The wilderness of Patagonia entices a number of travellers every year. The adventure seekers long to experience white water rafting on sparkling blue rivers, and hiking across the steep trails to get to the beautiful mountain peaks. The fickle-minded weather makes it tricky to pack, that’s why it is really important for the traveler to do extensive research before they decide to pack up and explore the rugged terrain.

As what I mentioned earlier, the temperature changes a lot so you need to check the weather predictions for at least a couple of days in advance. During the hot summer days, the temperature tends to switch to a cooler mode come night time.

It’s hard to pack light when your destination has an unpredictable weather. The best way to is to prepare for the unexpected. Bring tank tops and shorts for the warm weather and then throw in clothings for the chilly nights and rainy afternoons. By bringing a variety of clothing, you will be prepared no matter what the temperature is.

When it comes to shoes, don’t forget to bring open and close ones. Also consider the hike, so you need to pack a pair of hiking boots, if you are not already wearing one. Don’t bring too many, just around three pairs will do. What’s important is, you’ll have what you need.

On top of the clothings and shoe, you also have to bring other essentials, like your gadgets, toiletries, and camping or hiking gears. If you plan to take a great close up view of the the picturesque sceneries, don’t forget to bring your binoculars. Also pack some light snack in case you get hungry in the middle of hiking or trekking, and of course, take your water bottle with you so you don’t have to look for clean water to drink.