Hiroshima is a world famous for the atomic bomb that strikes in 1945 and a visit here naturally focuses on memorials. With a famous and tragic history, Hiroshima is a large mainland city in western Japan. If you wanted to visit this side of Japan, Here’s a list of famous places to visit

Things to See and Do In Hiroshima

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is a pleasant green park containing the major memorials to the 1945 atomic bombing located at the north end of an island formed by two of Hiroshima’s rivers. Most people get here by crossing the Motoyasu-Bashi Bridge, which leads you swiftly to the mirror-like pool and the Cenotaph for A-Bomb Victims. You will find the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum further south.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is a must-see for those who want to find out the terror of the atomic bombing and the things that happened that led to it and took place after it and is the most important sight in Hiroshima. One should be ready for this is an intense and difficult museum to visit. Think carefully about whether or not they are mature enough to visit this museum if you’d like to bring along your children. The weight of human hardships caused by the bombing makes the extensive impression. Upon visit, there are substantial English explanations.

Cenotaph for A-bomb Victims

Designed to epitomize a shelter for all the souls who perished in the atomic bombing, for this concrete saddle-shaped monument located in the center of the park. One message is clear however you read what is inscribed at the monument: The use of atomic weapons must not be utilized again.

Atomic Bomb Dome

Located near the hypocenter of the bomb, the building is the remains of the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. Most of the building has been left standing as an impactful memorial to the bombing and remarkably survived the bombing.