The Maltese Islands have long been attempted by empires as a way to solidify control over the vital shipping lanes of the Mediterranean as rocky outcrops strategically located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Until finally Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Empire get rid of them, the crusade-era order Knights Hospitaller made the islands their own personal stronghold, repulsing invasions by the Ottoman Empire.

The British took command after a while of the islands and it was left to them to fight the last war over Malta, during the Second World War, which was against the Germans.

In the present day, however, the hordes of tourists who come for the historic villages and fortresses set against the backdrop of the sun and the sea are the only invasions taking place in Malta. Gozo and Malta are the country’s two main islands both of which have their own history and beauty and provides tourists variation travel experiences.

A historic port city and the capital of the country – Valletta. As ancient buildings line its cobbled streets and historical attractions abound, this is where Malta’s history is best displayed. The truth is, for the city’s historic and otherworldly feel that it was the set location for “King’s Landing” on HBO’s widely known Game of Thrones television show. One lies at the tip of the city and was once a base of the Knights Hospitaller is Fort Saint Elmo – another place of attraction. Tourists can witness reenactments of the Knights’ great battles against the Turks as well as explore the ruins of the fortifications.

Wanting to have a beach holiday?

These communities grant everything travelers want fun nightlife, fabulous beaches, seaside restaurants, swimming pools at hotels and lots of shops. Sufficient budget is ideal to spend here and the area is flocked with tourists, the towns laid-back charm is still a good deal and for this reason why makes Malta so special. An ideal place where kids could spend their days jumping from the town walls into the little harbors and truly all takes the time to grasp a refreshing drink at sunset.

The island of Gozo can be reached by a ride in a short ferry across the channel. Visiting Gozo is similar to visiting a simpler time although smaller and less visited than Malta. There is no community further away from small villages and everything moves at a turtle’s pace. Cathedral can be found at the center of each village and cafes and restaurants inside the town square, but for the rugged scenery, little coves and sandy beaches are the goal travelers come for.

To drop hotel during a visit and instead reserve a villa is one cool way to experience Gozo. Villa rental agencies on the island are available and historic, stone village houses can be occupied. These houses are put up with elaborate stonework and often have exclusive courtyards with swimming pools, literal mansions.