London’s West End

West End is known all over the world as the place to see the best theatrical performers. Enjoy the live shows, sparkling costumes, and the enjoyable songs and dances in this renowned district of London.

The Music Scene at Manchester

You’ll never experience Manchester without going to a live music set. Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to be thrilled with the rich music scene in Manchester.

Street Art

Britain is very expressive in its street art. You can find famous Banksy pieces in London, and many more by anonymous artists across the UK.

Famous Move Sites

The UK is regularly featured on screen. The grand mansions of Britain are great filming locations for movies like Pride and Prejudice, featuring Chatsworth House becoming the strapping Mr. Darcy. England’s landscapes have also been featured in the Game of Thrones series, especially Northern Ireland in its 3rd season.

Events and Festivals

The English love to celebrate for whatever occasion, and there’s always something going on. Our top picks are Glastonbury, the musical festival that hosts famous international acts. The Chelsea Flower Show also comes to mind, as well as the Edinburgh Fringe. These are among the largest arts festivals in the world, and who can forget the Grand National, the world-famous steeple chase?

Legends of Rock

Great Britain is home to legendary musicians like The Beatles. Elton John, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd were also British acts and some of the best-selling artists in history. Even today, the country continues to make famous musicians, and live music is featured in almost every town and city in the UK.

Coronation Street

The longest running soap opera in TV, Coronation Street first aired during the 60s. Visitors can tour the Cobbled street of Weatherfield and learn more about the show.


Wimbledon is a feature all on its own, despite being a festival. More than 1 billion people across the world watch the tennis championships every year. Not to mention the strawberries and cream during the events! Speaking of tennis, we’ve been told that a lot of groovy grandparents in homes have been watching this.

British Football

The British Premier League is an extremely popular club of football and is aired in over 212 territories. The League has an audience of over 4.7 billion people! George Best, Bobby Charlton and David Beckham, these are just a few individuals that made the League very famous.