A luxury holiday doesn’t have to be expensive. You can still go on a luxury holiday without breaking the bank or worrying about not having enough money to cater for your holiday.

Here are 3 best destinations with unique culture, food, hotels, and drinks that you’ll enjoy on a budget all the way from Berlin to the Keys Cove in the Florida Keys.


Berlin is the perfect destination for a luxurious holiday on a dime. It’s known by travellers for its rugged architecture and underground culture. You can explore the impressive 17th Cuntuary Charlottenburg Palace that keeps collections of antiquities and art as well as exquisite gardens in this city.

To save money, get a Berlin Welcome Card that offers free entry or discounts into many museums. The card will also allow you to travel for free throughout the city.

You can visit the Liquidrom spa to relax your body as you enjoy some techno beats from DJ mixing then head over to Lavanderia Vecchia to have your meals. This is an Italian food eatery gem with a variety of dishes you’ll love. You can secure accommodation at the H1O Berlin Ku’damn hotel with beautiful styled rooms.


Edinburg is famous for its culture and arts. The city has twisted corners, cobbled streets and hidden gems of beautiful scenes for the traveler that’s looking for elegance. Its architecture is stunning while the Old Town is the best place to spend your day and get lost in. You can visit Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle, one of the theatres in the city to catch a play or Pickering’s Gin Distillery to get a glimpse of how they make their drinks behind the scenes.

To have your lunch or any other meal, visit Timberyard near Edinburgh Castle. Their meals are priced reasonably. The Inn Place near Greyfriars Cementary is the perfect place to spend your night.

Gran Canaria Island

Gran Canaria is a historic and vibrant island that has 60 kilometers of beach, a reason why tourists flock to it in droves during the warm weather. You can travel to Vegueta town, a neighborhood with rare buildings and one that has been in existence since the 15th century. You can also take a walk in the Tamadaba Natural Park that has 7,500 hectares of cliffs and highlands.

You can find mouth-watering Italian meals at II Vespino Vecchio which is located in San Agustin on the southern side of the Island. The Bed and Chic Las Palmas is one of the cheapest hotels with spacious rooms where you can spend your night or just unwind by the pool.

You can also decide to visit Palmitos Park zoo and botanical garden. You’ll require a vehicle to get there or use car rental services which are very affordable.

As you can see from the above 3 destinations, a luxury holiday doesn’t have to be about private butlers, MTV cribs or even infinity pools. It’s all about the exclusivity you put on something since a 7 course meal or a well made cocktail can also be luxurious.

Hiroshima is a world famous for the atomic bomb that strikes in 1945 and a visit here naturally focuses on memorials. With a famous and tragic history, Hiroshima is a large mainland city in western Japan. If you wanted to visit this side of Japan, Here’s a list of famous places to visit

Things to See and Do In Hiroshima

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is a pleasant green park containing the major memorials to the 1945 atomic bombing located at the north end of an island formed by two of Hiroshima’s rivers. Most people get here by crossing the Motoyasu-Bashi Bridge, which leads you swiftly to the mirror-like pool and the Cenotaph for A-Bomb Victims. You will find the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum further south.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is a must-see for those who want to find out the terror of the atomic bombing and the things that happened that led to it and took place after it and is the most important sight in Hiroshima. One should be ready for this is an intense and difficult museum to visit. Think carefully about whether or not they are mature enough to visit this museum if you’d like to bring along your children. The weight of human hardships caused by the bombing makes the extensive impression. Upon visit, there are substantial English explanations.

Cenotaph for A-bomb Victims

Designed to epitomize a shelter for all the souls who perished in the atomic bombing, for this concrete saddle-shaped monument located in the center of the park. One message is clear however you read what is inscribed at the monument: The use of atomic weapons must not be utilized again.

Atomic Bomb Dome

Located near the hypocenter of the bomb, the building is the remains of the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. Most of the building has been left standing as an impactful memorial to the bombing and remarkably survived the bombing.


London’s West End

West End is known all over the world as the place to see the best theatrical performers. Enjoy the live shows, sparkling costumes, and the enjoyable songs and dances in this renowned district of London.

The Music Scene at Manchester

You’ll never experience Manchester without going to a live music set. Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to be thrilled with the rich music scene in Manchester.

Street Art

Britain is very expressive in its street art. You can find famous Banksy pieces in London, and many more by anonymous artists across the UK.

Famous Move Sites

The UK is regularly featured on screen. The grand mansions of Britain are great filming locations for movies like Pride and Prejudice, featuring Chatsworth House becoming the strapping Mr. Darcy. England’s landscapes have also been featured in the Game of Thrones series, especially Northern Ireland in its 3rd season.

Events and Festivals

The English love to celebrate for whatever occasion, and there’s always something going on. Our top picks are Glastonbury, the musical festival that hosts famous international acts. The Chelsea Flower Show also comes to mind, as well as the Edinburgh Fringe. These are among the largest arts festivals in the world, and who can forget the Grand National, the world-famous steeple chase?

Legends of Rock

Great Britain is home to legendary musicians like The Beatles. Elton John, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd were also British acts and some of the best-selling artists in history. Even today, the country continues to make famous musicians, and live music is featured in almost every town and city in the UK.

Coronation Street

The longest running soap opera in TV, Coronation Street first aired during the 60s. Visitors can tour the Cobbled street of Weatherfield and learn more about the show.


Wimbledon is a feature all on its own, despite being a festival. More than 1 billion people across the world watch the tennis championships every year. Not to mention the strawberries and cream during the events! Speaking of tennis, we’ve been told that a lot of groovy grandparents in homes have been watching this.

British Football

The British Premier League is an extremely popular club of football and is aired in over 212 territories. The League has an audience of over 4.7 billion people! George Best, Bobby Charlton and David Beckham, these are just a few individuals that made the League very famous.


The Galapagos Islands is an archipelago of about 19 islands and many smaller islets scattered 620 miles off Ecuador’s coast in the Pacific Ocean. Galapagos island served as the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and is a double World Heritage site for land and sea as both are protected. Ranging from barren black, volcanic rocks to fodder of white sand beaches melting into bijou-blue waters each island boasts its own unique landscape.

Going without a licensed guide to the Galapagos National Park Visits are not allowed. To get there, day trips to some of the islands from the main tourist hub of Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz can be arranged, but the best way to see the more remote islands and wildlife in the Galapagos are by taking a cruise on a small yacht. The national park limits the size of boats to accommodate only 100 passengers, but when disembarked all at once, even 100 can overload a beach. Ideally, only small groups of about 16 to 32 passengers are catered by tour boats. There are viable travel companies that cater small cruises, including hiking trips, hotels, assorted sports tours, and several add-ons.

Boats often fully book during peak season so it’s best to reserve a spot at least a few months in advance. You’ll be lucky to find under the wire deals at extensive discounts at travel agencies in the Mariscal district of Quito, but this is quite risky with even finding an opening, or it will cost some time on a lower-quality ship.

Exploring Wildlife. Many species are unique to the Galapagos from its concealment and remoteness like seeing penguins, blue-footed boobies and albatross. You can even ask your boat tour operator to do shore landings as early as 5:50 a.m. so you can have quality time on the island minus the crowd.

Water Sports Adventure. Tons of water sports activities can be done while in Galapagos island. Take your pick if you want diving, snorkeling, kayaking or surfing. You can do diving at spots on Wolf and Darwin Islands, where you might encounter hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, and eagle rays. If you prefer snorkeling, no matter which island you pick to do so, you’ll likely be swimming together with sea lions and Pacific sea turtles. Excellent spots for snorkeling are Isla Lobos and Kicker Rock off of San Cristobal. Tortuga Bay in Santa Cruz is best for kayaking. No need for a guide as you can rent kayaks here. For surfing enthusiasts, you can rent boards in port towns like in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal.

Scout for Hiking. You can follow the trek along the perimeter of one of the archipelago’s active volcanoes over dried lava beds or move into the highlands to witness a variety of vegetation. It’s best to scout around the world’s second largest crater Sierra Negra on Isabela, the biggest island which has 6 volcanoes.


The Maltese Islands have long been attempted by empires as a way to solidify control over the vital shipping lanes of the Mediterranean as rocky outcrops strategically located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Until finally Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Empire get rid of them, the crusade-era order Knights Hospitaller made the islands their own personal stronghold, repulsing invasions by the Ottoman Empire.

The British took command after a while of the islands and it was left to them to fight the last war over Malta, during the Second World War, which was against the Germans.

In the present day, however, the hordes of tourists who come for the historic villages and fortresses set against the backdrop of the sun and the sea are the only invasions taking place in Malta. Gozo and Malta are the country’s two main islands both of which have their own history and beauty and provides tourists variation travel experiences.

A historic port city and the capital of the country – Valletta. As ancient buildings line its cobbled streets and historical attractions abound, this is where Malta’s history is best displayed. The truth is, for the city’s historic and otherworldly feel that it was the set location for “King’s Landing” on HBO’s widely known Game of Thrones television show. One lies at the tip of the city and was once a base of the Knights Hospitaller is Fort Saint Elmo – another place of attraction. Tourists can witness reenactments of the Knights’ great battles against the Turks as well as explore the ruins of the fortifications.

Wanting to have a beach holiday?

These communities grant everything travelers want fun nightlife, fabulous beaches, seaside restaurants, swimming pools at hotels and lots of shops. Sufficient budget is ideal to spend here and the area is flocked with tourists, the towns laid-back charm is still a good deal and for this reason why makes Malta so special. An ideal place where kids could spend their days jumping from the town walls into the little harbors and truly all takes the time to grasp a refreshing drink at sunset.

The island of Gozo can be reached by a ride in a short ferry across the channel. Visiting Gozo is similar to visiting a simpler time although smaller and less visited than Malta. There is no community further away from small villages and everything moves at a turtle’s pace. Cathedral can be found at the center of each village and cafes and restaurants inside the town square, but for the rugged scenery, little coves and sandy beaches are the goal travelers come for.

To drop hotel during a visit and instead reserve a villa is one cool way to experience Gozo. Villa rental agencies on the island are available and historic, stone village houses can be occupied. These houses are put up with elaborate stonework and often have exclusive courtyards with swimming pools, literal mansions.


The wilderness of Patagonia entices a number of travellers every year. The adventure seekers long to experience white water rafting on sparkling blue rivers, and hiking across the steep trails to get to the beautiful mountain peaks. The fickle-minded weather makes it tricky to pack, that’s why it is really important for the traveler to do extensive research before they decide to pack up and explore the rugged terrain.

As what I mentioned earlier, the temperature changes a lot so you need to check the weather predictions for at least a couple of days in advance. During the hot summer days, the temperature tends to switch to a cooler mode come night time.

It’s hard to pack light when your destination has an unpredictable weather. The best way to is to prepare for the unexpected. Bring tank tops and shorts for the warm weather and then throw in clothings for the chilly nights and rainy afternoons. By bringing a variety of clothing, you will be prepared no matter what the temperature is.

When it comes to shoes, don’t forget to bring open and close ones. Also consider the hike, so you need to pack a pair of hiking boots, if you are not already wearing one. Don’t bring too many, just around three pairs will do. What’s important is, you’ll have what you need.

On top of the clothings and shoe, you also have to bring other essentials, like your gadgets, toiletries, and camping or hiking gears. If you plan to take a great close up view of the the picturesque sceneries, don’t forget to bring your binoculars. Also pack some light snack in case you get hungry in the middle of hiking or trekking, and of course, take your water bottle with you so you don’t have to look for clean water to drink.

One of the world’s great city break destinations is Barcelona, Spain. However, perhaps the notion of staying in a city hotel and paying a lot for the holiday puts many travelers off the idea.

To take a holiday with a family, it certainly isn’t the cheapest city in the world but staying in a campsite like El Delfin Verde in Torroella de Montgri could give a more affordable and unique way of seeing the delights of Barcelona.

Camping holidays have traditionally been popular with families and one of the reasons why is that they offer great value for money. Compared to staying in a hotel, the travelers could stay for longer than they might be able to afford in a hotel.  It’s possible to make a modest budget go further and travelers will still be able to take extra day trips into the city by hanging around a little bit out of Barcelona in one of the campsites promoted on the likes of the Eurocamp website.

Although many of the city’s visitors failed to visit the area around it, the city of Barcelona is a fantastic place to spend some time of exploration. Opting on spending time in a campsite in the Costa Brava or Costa Dorada let travelers be close to Barcelona but also simply able to enjoy other great places such as Figueres, Tarragona and Port Aventura.

For independent families, camping trips are wonderful instead of being stuck in a hotel. For the duration of the holiday, families can instead make the campsite their home.

For example, the pleasure of home cooking is one thing a lot of people miss compared to expensive prepared meals when they stay in a hotel. Certainly, the area surrounding Barcelona is famous for its tapas restaurants but it is also a great place to buy fresh natural ingredients to cook hearty meals for the family.

Barcelona offers a lot of culture and art for younger ones to explore like some staggering pieces of architecture like La Sagrada Familia. However, these aren’t exactly the activity which appeals to many youngsters.

The good news is that many modern campsites offer the nature’s natural charm that offers the beach, go for a walk in the lovely countryside or do anyone a number of other things which aren’t so easy to do especially when you tied up in a city hotel.

For active families, swimming pools, gyms, cycle hire and football facilities are among the top facilities on the campsite. To keep everyone in the group active and happy for longer by engaging in a family or group activities, this certainly makes it a lot easier. 

Vietnam is a great country to explore. A weeklong stay surely is not sufficient and most tourists have a hard time picking the best destinations to visit, north or south.

Amidst the climate, the historical background and the fascinating culture, there’s a ton of things that make the country a worthy place to go see and explore. 

Hue, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be pleasurable for those who are into the historic significance of Vietnam, aside from food fanatics or for just plain rest and recreation. It is a remarkably well-preserved model of feudal city zoning, once the center of former religious, cultural and political.

A traveler can take a look and stroll at the tombs of the Nguyen dynasty, the four citadels, several pagodas, and the ruins and foundations of the Forbidden Purple City.

After spending illuminating day in Hue, time to relax on Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches near Da Nang. The beaches continue to be a quiet, and serene atmosphere perfect for doing nothing but relaxing.

You can witness the abundant emerald forests prosper into the azure water at Lang Co Beach. Another great place for surfing is the Non Nuoc beach and it can be found at the foot of the steep Marble Mountains, which visitors can trek for wonderful, pristine views – come as early as possible to beat the tour crowd.

A national park habitation to several endangered species and possesses excellent coral reefs where visitors can snorkel is the Son Tra Peninsula and can be reached just minutes away from Da Nang.

Sretch your feet by taking a morning walk around Hoan Kiem Lake, and then devour your appetite and quench your thirst through the city. Must try are cha ca (local fish sautéed with dill and turmeric and served over vermicelli) and nam cua be (egg rolls packed with crabmeat).  

Complete your tour with a calming tour trip to Tam Coc, which means “three caves.” This is home to one of Vietnam’s most spectacular landscapes for this little slice of heaven.

Spending a day here will make you experience going down the Ngo Dong River, soothed into tranquility by the quiet beat of the waves against the rowboat. Rice paddies race from the river straight to the base of the ascending karst mountains.